Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Using Aldi Convenience Food for Inexpensive Yumminess

Hi there.

I'm taking it a minute to thank those who have chosen to follow me, and to comment, etc. It means the world to me.

The other night for dinner we had something that is not technically a recipe, more using the Aldi convenience items for yumminess. If you have not tried the Bremer Cheese Ravioli ($2.99/60 - I used half), Reggiano Traditional Pasta Sauce ($.99) or the Mama Cozzi Meatballs ($1.99/30 meatballs), give them a whirl! I cooked the meatballs in the crock-pot with the sauce on low for about 5 or so hours. I prepped the Ravioli as directed on the package. I served the meatball sauce over the ravioli. It was very yummy. Very easy. And a great, inexpensive meal (six servings @ $0.75/serving!!!) for a rushed and busy night. You might question the logic that pasta sauce is a vegetable, but, on busy nights it is to me!

Before I start the next statements, I want to assure everyone (and those that know me in real life know this), I DO NOT WORK for Aldi, nor do I get paid to sing their praises.

While at the store the other day, I grabbed the circular that starts March 7th, I'm happy to annouce that the Priano Italian specialty items will start appearing in Aldi's . These are wonderful to stock up on while they last. Unique sauces and frozen pastas that make for a quick dinner prep. There are great snacks and appetizers, too. I believe it is the season of Lent that brings it on, folks having meatless Fridays and all.

Just be on the look out and stock up while it's here. I'll hope to post some recipes using these fun products in the coming month.



  1. What a quick and easy meal. I should get those ingredients to have on hand for a "just in case" night.

  2. Annie - that's EXACTLY what I do! :)

  3. We tried this... we loved it (including my "I-don't-like-pasta" son). I even threw in some spinach with the sauce, and the kids didn't mind! I'll be making this dish again, and again, and again.

    Thanks for the recipe!