Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Well, we just returned from our semi-annual trip to the beach.  I do many things to prep for the beach, and one of them is making ahead meals so that my time there is NOT spent in a kitchen...and also, so that we don't spend an arm and a leg eating almost every day eating out.

Weeks before we leave, I make ahead some of our family's favorites and freeze them;  this year included Spaghetti Pie, Pork & Peppers, Tacos (meat), Meatballs, and hamburgers.  Another thing I like to do is prep all my "batter" type things like pancakes and waffles, so that it's "add an ingredient or two" and viola, you're ready.

A few days into preparation, a friend of mine pins this recipe to her Facebook: Cinnamon Roll Pancakes .  I mean, really....I know you just drooled on your keyboard.  Well, clean it up, then continue reading.

Well, this friend is a "make everything from scratch" super woman!!!  Me? Let's just say I'm a little more Sandra Lee and take the help I can get from premade ingredients.  Yes.  I realize that it's lazy.  But...three (about to be two! EEEK) in a competitive's this or eat cereal EVERY DAY.  :)

So...I picked up a package of Aldi's Baker's Corner All-Purpose Baking Mix.  A can of Baker's Corner Vanilla Frosting.  A bag of brown sugar, a pound of butter, and here we are.


Aldi's Cinnamon Roll Pancake recipe looks like this....

1.  Prepare the desired amount of pancake batter from the recipe on the box of Baker's Corner All-Purpose Baking Mix.

2.  Mix together 1 cup softened butter (I didn't friend attempted the recipe and said the melted was too soft), 1 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar, 2 Tbs. Spice Classics Ground Cinnamon.  Place in a freezer zippie bag.

3.  Start to cook the pancakes on the griddle....cut a small hole in the tip of the cinnamon/butter/sugar bag, squeeze out "cinnamon roll style" as the pancakes cook on the first side.  As you see bubbles and are ready to so and let pancakes cook on the other side.

4.  Flip pancakes "cinnamon stripe" up.

5.  Spoon some frosting into a microwave safe bowl and melt for a few seconds.  Drizzle over pancakes and enjoy.

These are positively decadent and YUMMY....and EASY!!!! :)


  1. Sounds absolutely divine! I'm assuming they work just fine with the Aldi complete pancake mix since that is what I have on hand. Thanks for posting!

  2. Absolutely, Brooke! You really could make whatever pancakes you usually make, just using the cinnamon sugar butter mixture to make the swirl while the first side is cooking. :) They are so yummy. Really just can't go wrong. :)