Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Aldi's gone ORGANIC!

Hey there, have you heard?  Aldi's begun carrying a new line of organic products called "Simply Nature".  I've heard good reviews, hoping to test some out.

Thought that you'd all like to know!

Check them out!!!  Aldi test markets things, and when they're really popular, they become regular items, so buy, buy, buy, if you want them to keep the Organic line!



  1. I love them! I have been buying a lot of the apple juice and fruit twists for my daughter. She really enjoys them. :)

  2. GREAT! I'm about to post a recipe for soup that I made tonight!!!! Keep buying, the more the sell of the product, the more likely they are to keep it on the shelves for good! :)

  3. LOVING the organic line! Raw milk cheddar cheese, organic butter, Horizon Valley organic milk, organic cereals...just when I had switched from Aldi to Whole Foods, I'm back for some things! Yeah!