Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunrise Surprise!

Hello folks!

I know, it's been a while. Lets just say, 2 root canals, and tender gums and teeth had changed my diet drastically in the last few weeks! Factor in a crazy busy schedule, and well, food is catch as catch can.

BUT...will be more faithful. Things are STARTING to slow down, and even though my diet still looks like that of an 87 year old nursing home patient, I will be cooking more.

I thought I'd share an economical tip today.

As you know, Aldi's cereals are cheap, cheap, cheap. We don't do sugary cereals much in this house. The one exception being Vacation, I will buy the junk food cereals. Anyway, while shaking the plethora of boxes in my cabinet to prepare for my shopping trip yesterday (and erroneously thinking we had tons of cereal because there were at least 14 boxes in the cabinet), I realized that there was less than 1 serving in each box!!!! Not to be one to waste a buck, I combined them all into a fancy IKEA container and created what I call "Sunrise Surprise". All the interesting tidbits of leftover cereal created their own culinary heaven.

My two oldest ate it for breakfast today, and loved it!!!! Now they're going to be asking me to make this all the time, aren't they???

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