Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I promised you leftovers.....

Well, yesterday, I promised leftovers from the Pot Roast, right?  I'm sure you noticed there was a ton of gravy left.  And if you fought the urge to drown buttered slices of bread with the gravy and eat it all, you have enough to start a soup.  We had about 1 serving of meat left as well.  I always prepare just a little extra for this purpose.  Well, here's what I did with my leftovers.  Add a loaf of crusty bread and you've got another meal.  A light meal, but a meal none-the-less.

"Leftover" Beef Vegetable Soup

Leftovers of Tuesday Night Pot Roast
2 Chef's Cupboard Beef Bouillon Cubes
1 to 2 cups water * To YOUR favorite constancy
1 Cup Frozen Veggies - use what you have, we had leftover peas and corn I threw in
1/2 Cup Brown Rice, cooked noodles....whatever you have to toss in

Break up the leftover beef pot roast into a soup pot.  Add water and bouillon cubes.  Bring to a slow simmer.  Add vegetables and rice/noodles.  Simmer until vegetables are warm.  Enjoy!

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